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On-Farm Research Projects in California:

Direct N2O Emissions in California Vineyards as Affected by Conventional Management Practices

Gina Garland, Emma Suddick, Johan Six

Reduced Nitrous Oxide Emissions from California Tomato Cropping Systems under Drip Irrigation and Fertigation

Taryn Kennedy, Emma Suddick, Johan Six

Managing Processing Tomatoes for Greenhouse Gas Reduction (pdf)

Buried drip helps growers manage fertilizer (pdf)

Use of Walnut Biochar to improve soil properties and reduce N2O emissions

Engil Pereira, Emma Suddick, Johan Six

Assessing the impact of biochar amendment on greenhouse gas emissions, soil fertility, and yield in a commercial vineyard of the Lodi region

Betsy Verhoeven, Emma Suddick, Johan Six


Modeling Projects: 

Modeling the Effects of Agricultural Practices and Climate Change on Crop Production and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California


Juhwan Lee, Steven DeGryze, Johan Six


Using Bioeconomic Modeling to Address Policy Questions


Pierre Merel, Fujin Yi, Santiago Bucaram, Juhwan Lee, Cloe Garnache, Richard Howitt, and Johan Six



International Research & Outreach Projects: 

SOIL, EROSION & CARBON: Short-term Sink & Long-term Source

Kristof Van Oost, Gert Verstraeten, Sebastian Doetterl, Bastiaan Notebaert, François Wiaux, Nils Broothaerts, Johan Six 

Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics: From Research to Action

Roberta Gentile, Pauline Chivenge, Bernard Vanlauwe, Johan Six 

Safe Vegetable Production in Cambodia and Vietnam



Related Articles & Websites:

California Farmers and Researchers work together to adapt to and mitigate climate change johan-six-and-renata-brillinger.html?story_link=email_msg

Six & Brillinger 2012 (pdf)


High Plains Agricultural Laboratory: University of Nebraska


The importance of long-term research: A case study at the University of Nebraska High Plains Agricultural Laboratory

Peterson et al 2012 (pdf)

Long-term tillage plots were established by Charles Fenster (right) and Gary Peterson at the High Plains Agricultural Laboratory in 1969 (

Russell Ranch: University of California, Davis


Established 100 years ago, the Long Term Research in Agricultural Sustainability (LTRAS) study offers the opportunity to explore the long-term impact of organic, conventional, and mixed management on agricultural cropping systems.

Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Yolo County


This colloborative website was established as a resource for farmers, policy makers, and local stakeholders to plan for the future and adapt to potential changes that may occur in farming systems as a result of changes in climate.

African Network for Soil Biology and Fertility (AfNet)


Since 1988, this network has been committed to researching and disseminating knowledge about soil fertility management in Africa.


Video Presentations:

Agricultural Practices to Reduce Greenhouse Gases—Johan Six

Partnerships in Science & Practice—Johan Six & Tony Turkovich

Soil Management: Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Carbon Sequestration—Johan Six


Instructional Videos of Laboratory Methods:

Soil Fractionation—produced by J. Denbow & J. Six

Microaggregate Isolation— produced by J. Denbow & J. Six

Isolation of Biophysical Microenvironments from Rhizosphere and Non-Rhizosphere Soil—A. Kong & J. Six

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