Lecture Notes 
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Mon 11/03 No class. Replaced by Southern class 11/13  - -
Wed 11/05 Plant genomic DNA isolation Xa -
Mon 11/10 Qualitative and quantitative analysis of DNA. Xb -
Wed 11/12 RFLPs: Electrophoresis of genomic DNA
(Radiation Safety talk at 1:10)
XIa Lab reports Xa and Xb 
due 11/12 1:10 pm
Thr 11/13 Southern Blots time to be arranged in class (1-2 hs) XIb -
Mon 11/17 Hybridization. Probe preparation in Hunt Hall  XIIa Lab reports XIa and XIb  due 11/17 1:10 pm
Wed 11/19 Hybridization: Washing and autorradiography XIIb -
Mon 11/24 PCR markers. Microsatellites

Sequence analysis and development of a PCR marker

XIII   Lab reports XIIa and XIIb due 11/24 1:10 pm
Wed 11/26 Genetic Maps. Concepts and excercises . XIVa  -
Mon 12/01 Genetic Maps: construction using MapMaker
(Start 157 Mann, 3:00pm 253 Hunt)
 XIVb Lab reports XIII due 12/01 1:10 pm
Wed 12/03 QTL analysis (Start 157 Mann, 3:00pm 253 Hunt)
Mon 12/08 Lab notebooks and take home exam   Lab reports XIVa and b due 12/08 1:10 pm