Policy for GGG291, History of Genetics Seminar

Instructor: Roger T. Chetelat

Pre-requisites and preparation for this course

            The students taking GGG291 are expected to have a solid understanding of all aspects of classical and molecular genetics gained by taking BIS101 or similar courses. Therefore, it is imperative that if you feel that your knowledge in some of these areas is weak, please review and study the topic before reading the assigned papers. Some of the papers are not easy to read, so plan to spend enough time to analyze and digest the information contained in each paper. Feel free to contact me if you need help.


Reading Material

            Be prepared to do a lot of reading for this course. You should have read before our first meeting Watson’s “The Double Helix” , a must for any geneticist. Another highly recommended book that you should have in your library is Judson’s “The Eighth Day of Creation”. These two books are available in the UCD Bookstore.  Most importantly, you should read the papers associated to each of the weekly presentations.  You can access most of those assigned papers on the class website using the links in the syllabus. The rest will be supplied through Smartsite, under Resources. Of course, you can also access the papers the old fashion way, from Shields Library.



            GGG291 is a participatory student seminar course where all the students enrolled will do the presentations of classical papers in genetics.   During each meeting we will have two and sometimes three 20’ min presentations. Each presentation will be followed by a general discussion 10-15’, which should be initiated by the speaker. Each student in the audience should be prepared to ask at least one question or make a comment on each presentation. Therefore, it is crucial that not only the presenters, but all the students read all the assigned papers for each meeting in an analytical fashion. It is likely that we will need more than 2 hrs to cover the material, so I will appreciate your flexibility for staying longer when necessary.

            The presentation topics for each meeting will be assigned alphabetically to individual students by your last name (NB: students who graciously volunteer to present on the first day of class may choose one of the three topics for that day – first come, first serve). Since normally we do not have enough students to cover all presentations, some of you will have to do more than one presentation, to be determined by a lottery system.



            Use PowerPoint to prepare and show your presentations. Please provide me with a copy of your presentation the day before class so I can evaluate its length and completeness. I will have a laptop for showing the presentations in the classroom. After each class session, the presentations will be posted on the GGG291 Smartsite page.



            GGG291 is a letter grade course. Grading will be based on your presentations (70%) and participation in discussions (30%).



You are expected to be on time and attend all meetings. Arriving late may disrupt presentations already in progress, so please be considerate. Failure to attend two meetings without a valid justification could result in a failing grade.


Mailing list

The GGG291 mailing list is: ggg291-f12@ucdavis.edu.  All students enrolled in the class are automatically added to the list. Others may join the list by asking the instructor.

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