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Postharvest Floriculture Program

Mann Laboratory, Department of Plant Sciences

University of California, One Shields Avenue

Davis CA 95616

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“Our program is directed towards improving the postharvest life of ornamental plants

(i.e. cut flowers, potted plants) through the use of molecular and applied technologies”


Michael Reid


Cai-Zhong Jiang

Andrew Macnish

Genevieve Stier

Kristy Morris

Linda Donnelly

Yin-Chih Liang

Michela Appiano









We are interested in understanding the fundamental basis of flower and leaf senescence, with a view towards extending the postharvest life of ornamental plants. Recent research has included:


{ Molecular events during leaf and flower senescence and abscission.

{ Preventing ethylene-regulated senescence and/or abscission.

{ The molecular basis of senescence in short-lived and ethylene-insensitive flowers (like Daylily, Iris).

{ Effects of temperature on respiration and storage of cut flowers.

{ Use of Thidiazuron to delay leaf senescence.

{ Use of alternative treatments to control disease on rose flowers.

{ Evaluation of transporting cut flowers by container ships.




In addition to graduate students working on their dissertation research, I teach the following undergraduate and graduate level classes:


{ Plant Biology 172 (Postharvest Physiology of Perishable Crops)

{ Plant Biology 196 (Postharvest Technology of Perishables)

{ Horticulture 200B (Principles of Horticulture and Agronomy)


These classes are taught with others in the UC Davis Postharvest Program.  Classes may also be available to researchers and industry personnel interested in the handling of perishables.



As the Postharvest Cooperative Extension Specialist assigned to work with ornamentals, I serve the ornamentals industry throughout California with information on techniques for improving the postharvest life of ornamental crops. This information is distributed through meetings, regular reports in the trade press, and through the Postharvest Technology: Research & Information Center. We continually evaluate new techniques for improving the life of cut flowers, and maintain a watching brief on new floral preservatives.




Recent publications include:


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In Press

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