Bennett Lab

Our research program focuses on the genetic modification of plant quality and, particularly, on the improvement of the postharvest characteristics and the enhancement of plant quality. We approach issues of development and postharvest performance with a combination of biochemical, genetic and genomic experimentation in order to understand the regulation and basis of fruit production and quality. Our translational research program includes forecasting intellectual property evaluations and work on crops for developing countries.

Research in our lab focuses on four areas:

  • Contributions of fruit ripening processes on susceptibility to rotting
  • Control of the ripening processes of cell wall disassembly and softening
  • Determinants of fruit sugar and nutrient composition
  • Improvement of pathogen resistance, plant growth and availability
In California agriculture, tomatoes are an important commodity. Information about research on vegetables at UC Davis is also available at the Vegetable Research & Information Center. (LINKS)