Transcription Factors

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By surveying the phenotypes of transgenic tomato lines expressing each of the known transcription factors in the Arabidopsis genome our group, in collaboration with Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. and Seminis Vegetable Seeds, has identified novel functions of the factors for fruit development and ripening. The biogenesis of photosynthetic chloroplasts in green fruit is regulated by the expression of two transcription factors and the dissolution of the photosynthetic capacity in fruit may be regulated by another factor. Using the Arabidopsis transcription factors, we have begun to decipher the functions of the homologous tomato transcription factors. Tomato fruit ripening is regulated by transcription factors but their significance for the ripening-associated increase in susceptibility to rot-causing pathogens is not known. We are investigating the regulation of susceptibility by transcription factors during tomato fruit ripening.