Defense Against Dark Information -- Assignment for Oct. 15

Reading assignment (the tragedy of the commons)

Read the following, available in the Reserves section of Shields Library or in my office (Plant Environmental Sciences 1312), by next week. Estimated reading time (in a quiet place without interruptions): 35 minutes, but allow at least an hour so you have time to think about what you read and to answer the questions below.

Reading questions -- written answers due at beginning of class:

1) Hardin quotes Darwin's grandson on ongoing human evolution. How long did C.G. Darwin suggest that the changes that concerned him might take?

2) Sandvik refers to the three factors that determine "a trait's per-generation response to selection" (i.e., the rate of evolution of that trait, i.e., the rate at which its frequency in a population changes over generations). What are those three factors?

3) In the "Fertility volatility" paper, how do differences among groups mentioned compare to changes since 1950?

4) When Cohen says "the facts should immunize you", what kind of replicator is he offering to protect us against?

5) In the paper by Kiers et al., what did defectors fail to do and what happened to them?

6) If the cells within a plant or animal competed against each other, what fundamental "privilege" would they compete for, according to Maynard Smith?

7) In the paper by the Rainey's, what did "defecting genotypes" fail to do?

Questions to think about (to be discussed in class)