Assassinating Office Assistant

Do you find yourself muttering...

Death to Paper Clip Man
Death to Office Assistant
Kill Office Assistant
Death to Office Assistant
Turn off Office Assistant
Terminate Office Assistant
Turn off Paper Clip Man
Terminate Paper Clip Man

Office Assistant options lets you reduce the frequency with which this annoyance pops up, but it doesn't completely solve the problem.  For example, if you set .RTF as your default file save format (so that you can exchange files without "upgrading" everytime Bill Gates wants to buy a new island), the little twerp (Office Assistant, that is!) will pop up every time you Save As and ask you if you want to save files in .RTF format.  Nothing within Word97 itself seems to turn this off.

Now you can get rid of Office Assistant forever.

"All" you have to do -- why does it have to be this complicated? -- is the following: