Timothy K. Hartz

Extension Specialist/Agronomist
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California
103 Asmundson Hall
Davis, CA  95616
email: tkhartz@ucdavis.edu


B.S.     Biology, Chemistry, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 1973
M.S.    Horticulture, Colorado State University, 1977
Ph.D.   Horticulture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1980

Extension Specialist, University of California
Support the statewide vegetable industry through applied research and education programs.  Areas of emphasis include: drip irrigation and fertigation management, soil fertility, soil organic matter management, and non-point source pollution abatement.

Assistant General Manager, Chiquita Melon Packers (a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands).
Directed field production and postharvest handling for melon operations in Texas, California, and Mexico.  Served as technical consultant for related Chiquita subsidiaries throughout Latin America.

Extension Specialist, Texas A&M University
Provided technical support to the vegetable industry of the Rio Grande Valley through research and education programs.  Areas of emphasis included drip irrigation management, plasticulture techniques, and alternative pest control.

Instructor, Department of Horticulture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
            Taught undergraduate courses in plant propagation and greenhouse management.


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