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Spring 2015

Allie Weill was awarded a fellowship from ISEECI for her project on the evolutionary fire ecology of Ceanothus.

Marina LaForgia was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Congrats Marina and thank you NSF!

Melis Akman presented a talk at the 2015 microMORPH conference at Harvard on "Phenotypic Plasticity: Evolution at the Intersection of Ecology, Genetics, and Development."

Jens Stevens published einen Doppelpack of papers on climate and disturbance effects on forest understory plant communities
-- In Journal of Ecology: "Forest disturbance accelerates thermophilization of understory plant communities"

-- in Global Change Biology: "Snowpack, fire, and forest disturbance: interactions affect montane invasions by non-native shrubs"

Derek Young got a grant from the Joint Fire Science Program to study the effects of post-fire weather on tree recruitment.

Andrew is helping lead part of a working group on multispecies distribution modeling as part of SAMSI's Mathematical and Statistical Ecology program for 2014-2015.

What we're doing

Our group studies how environmental variation affects plant communities, populations, species and lineages. We are especially interested in how plants respond to change -- rapid major disturbance such as fire, as well as more gradual changes in climate. At the shortest time scales, we are focusing on how communities and populations respond to drought and fire, and how invasive species respond to novel habitat. Over longer time scales, we examine local adaptation to gradients in climatic conditions and to variability in those conditions. At the longest time scales, we are also interested in how lineages change as they encounter novel conditions and diversify. Much of our work involves fire, since this plays such a major role in the ecology and evolution of Mediterranean climate floras and in local land management here in California. Our research on the interactions among fire, vegetation, and climate has direct application to forest management in an era of climate and land use change.

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