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Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison 

Membership in Graduate Groups: Horticulture & Agronomy, Plant Biology, Genetics 

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Breeding, selection, genetics, foreign gene transfer, and tissue culture of walnuts for rootstock and variety improvement.

My major area of interest is in tree breeding and genetics with an emphasis on disease resistance. I concentrate on walnuts and have developed the Walnut Improvement Program in cooperation with USDA-ARS and U.C. Davis.

The goal of the Walnut Improvement Program is to develop technology and germplasm that will provide the walnut industry with a means to overcome the major problems limiting walnut production in the United States. Both novel and conventional approaches to breeding are used. Current efforts are focused on: gene transfer techniques, micropropagation and tissue culture; techniques for
screening for disease resistance; inter-specific and inter-generic hybrids, and determination of the inheritance of response to major walnut diseases.


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