Zakharov Lab

Genetics of hot pepper flavor


peppersLab members involved in the project: Simona Vallone

Collaborators: Carlos Quiros from the Department of Plant Sciences and Joseph Jacobs, pepper breeder at Harris Moran

Project Summary: Flavor and aroma are important traits of fruit quality in pepper. The objectives of Simona's project are to characterize the major fruit quality determinants of two of the most popular hot pepper types, jalapeños and habaneros, and to understand the genetic basis and inheritance of fruit quality and other horticultural traits. The long-term goal is to assist in the development of flavor-targeted breeding programs and improve fruit quality characteristics in pepper. Simona is carrying out genetic analysis in a F2 population of 240 plants generated by crossing Jalapeño (C. annuun) x Habanero (C. chinense) lines. QTL analysis will be performed for the major volatile compounds as well as for other fruit and horticultural traits. The results obtained through this study will lead to the identification of molecular markers for pepper fruit quality that can be used by breeders to efficiently create improved cultivars with novel combination of volatile compounds.



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