Evolution of Plant Secondary Metabolites

Kliebenstein Lab

UC Davis Plant Sciences


Zhiyong Zhang—Postdoctoral Researcher

Zhiyong was studying how Arabidopsis controls glucosinolate hydrolysis. This involves the cloning of QTL and biochemical characterization of the gene products.


Adam Wentzell—PhD—Currently: Monsanto

Adam analyzed the complexity of glucosinolate hydrolysisi regulation at the genetic, developmental and ecological levels to find new and novel proteins controlling glucosinolate hydrolysis.

Heather Rowe—PhD—Currently : UPenn

Heather is interested in the natural variation of plant/pathogen interactions. This includes trying to test if this variation is controlled  more so by variation between or within different plants.

James Ober—Graduate Student

James was studying how the epistatic interaction of glucosinolate biosynthetic loci controls plant/pest interactions. This involves identifying new genes controlling glucosinolate biosynthesis.



Dan Kliebenstein—Head Honcho

Dan is in charge of facilitating brilliant ideas by maintaining funding and equipment. He is occasionally allowed to suggest his own ideas.

August 2011 -

The we saved the budget by changing our freezer temp lunch.

Former Lab Members

Undergraduate Interns

Dihan Gao

Ayla Nelson

Hart Caligan

Rachel Kerwin—PhD - Univ of Georgia

Rachel is interested in natural variation of higher order genetic networks that modulate plant metabolism and  plant/pathogen interactions.

Eva Chan—Postdoctoral Researcher—Currently: Melbourne

Eva is interested in association mapping and quantitative traits. This includes both the analysis of targeted phenotypes and genomic or metabolomic level phenotypes.

Jason Corwin — PhD - UNC

Jason uses natural genetic variation to explore plant-pathogen interaction using quantitative genomics and networks.

E-mail: jcorwin@ucdavis.edu


March 2007—Exodus

Left to Right

Bjarne Gram Hansen

Adam Wentzell

Ian Boeye

Heather Rowe


Baohua Li — Postdoctoral Researcher

Baohua is focused on studying gene regulatory networks that control natural variation in plant metabolism and physiology.

Bindu is working on using genome polyploidy events to clone QTLs as well as understand plant/soil interactions with metabolomics.

Bindu Joseph — Bayer CropSci

Susanna is working to develop network based approaches to utilize gene expression data within GWA studies involving two different organisms genomes simultaneously.

E-mail: Suzi Atwell

Susanna Atwell — Project Scientist

YuanYuan is working to understand seed glucosinolates.

YuanYuan Zhang — Visiting Graduate Student

   Alise Muok

   Brandon Larson

   Meredith Porter

   Anushriya Subedy

   Allyson Ayalon

   Lillian Lau  

   Kristine Baroja

   Michael Kuwabara

   Navid Ghanbaran

   Ian Boeye

   Dianne Rualizo

   Kathryn Lyons

   Mai Ann Bailey

   Andy Troy



Former Undergraduate Interns

Celine Caseys — Postdoctoral Researcher


Michelle Tang—Graduate Student

Michelle is mapping the transcriptional network of plant primary metabolism using high-throughput Yeast-1-hybrid in collaboration with Dr. Siobhan Brady.

E-mail: mitang@ucdavis.edu


Nicole Soltis—Graduate Student

Nicole is working on the quantitative genomics of plant pathogen interactions using Botrytis cinerea and eight different eudicot species

Rachel Fordyce—Graduate Student

Rachel is working on the quantitative genetics of lesion shape and color within Botrytis lesions to assess if these parameters alter the plant/pathogen interaction.