About Me

My research interests range from plant genetics and plant genome evolution to plant structural genomics and bioinformatics. I received my graduate training at the Triticeae Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University where I studied the genetics of interspecific crossability in wheat. In 1993, I joined the team of workers constructing genetic maps of einkorn wheat at UC Davis. I used tools we developed to study factors influencing the distribution of recombination along wheat chromosomes and how recombination between homoeologous chromosomes is regulated by the wheat Ph1 locus (Genetics, 1996, 1998, 2000). In recent years, I have focused on genome evolution, physical mapping and development of genomic resources. I developed an automated, high-throughput BAC fingerprinting procedure (Genomics, 2003) that opened the door for physical mapping of organisms with large genomes. This technique is being used in a number of laboratories worldwide.