Careers and Internships

Are there jobs for graduates? YES! More than you can imagine!

In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that plant scientists will have a faster than average job growth rate through 2018, while the field of biotechnology is expected to grow by over 28%.  Check out more job growth information.

Whether your dream job is to work for a large company or new start-up biotechnology firm or whether you envision yourself in an office, a lab or working outdoors, there are a variety of occupations to learn about. Graduates from this department are prepared to pursue a wide range of careers, including various technical and management positions in agricultural or business enterprises, farming, consulting; landscape design, greenhouse cultivation, and ecological restoration. You might work for either the public or private sector or a non-profit agency. Jobs can be found throughout the nation, like with the USDA’s  Cooperative Extension System or even globally if you’re interested in working within international agricultural development. 

Our alumni are also prepared to pursue graduate studies in the natural and agricultural sciences to include microbiology, genetics, plant biology, breeding, horticulture, agronomy, biotechnology, ecology, environmental studies, pest management, education, or business management.