Plant Sciences Seminars

Fall 2017

  • Sept 6 | Matthew Gilbert, UC Davis | "How can we adapt crops to water limited environments" | Video
  • October 25 | Parsa Tehranchian, Postdoc research Associate, Marie Jasieniuk | "Multiple herbicide resistance in California Italian ryegrass"
  • November 1 | Annabelle Damerum, Ph.D. Student, Gail Taylor lab | "Improving the shelf life and nutritional quality of lettuce"
  • November 8 | Elizabeth Arnold, Ph.D. student, Gail Taylor lab | "Manipulating the leaf microbiome for improved leafy salads"
  • November 15 | Mariano Gallo, Ph.D. student, Al-Khatib/Hanson lab | "Walnut response to simulated rice herbicide drift"
  • November 22 | Libby Rowland. Ph.D. student, Gail Taylor lab | "Improving Quality and Shelf Life of Culinary Herbs via Irrigation Scheduling"
  • November 29 | Jeff Dahlberg, Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension (KARE) Director | "Sorghum in California? Why the Interest?”
  • December 6 | Feras Almasri, Ph.D. student, Al-Khatib Lab | "Towards the search for Methyl Bromide alternatives"

Spring 2017

  • June 7 | ** CANCELLED ** Lincoln Taiz and Lee Taiz, UC Santa Cruz emeriti | “Flora Unveiled: The Discovery and Denial of Sex in Plants”
  • May 31 | Michel Ruiz Rosquete, UC Davis | "ROG2: A new player of intracellular trafficking"
  • May 24 | Dan Putnam, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Alfalfa: Are sustainable systems possible for the state's #2 water user?" | Video
  • May 17 | Andrew Groover, US Forest Service, Plant Biology, UC Davis | "Molecular genetic regulation of wood formation in forest trees"
  • May 10 | ** CANCELLED ** David Domozych, Professor of Biology, Director of the Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center, Skidmore College | "Fifty shades of green: the secret life of a charophyte"
  • May 3 | Trent Northen, DOE Joint Genome Institute, Berkeley Lab | "Plant-Microbe Interactions Driven By Exometabolite Preferences of Rhizosphere Bacteria"
  • April 17 | Isabelle Henry, Genome Center, UC Davis | "Epigenetic Adaptation to Polyploidy in Sexual Persimmon" | Video
  • April 12 | Dr. Matt Liebman, Iowa State University | “Cropping System Diversification in the U.S. Corn Belt for Enhanced Performance and Resilience” | Video
  • April 5 | Truman Young, Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Contingency in ecology: idiosyncrasy or opportunity?" | pdf

Winter 2017

  • January 11 | Dani Zamir, Hebrew University of Jerusalem | "Epistasis Time"
  • January 18 | Xiao-Ya Chen, Chinese Acad. of Sciences, Inst. of Plant Physiology and Ecology | "GhHOX3 is a core regulator of cotton fiber elongation"
  • February 1 | Shu Geng, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Food and Environment Health in China: World Ripple"
  • February 8 | John Preece, USDA ARS, National Clonal Repository, Davis | tba
  • February 15 | Nathan Pumplin, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Mechanisms of gene silencing: Epigenetic regulation of mRNA isoforms and virus-induced changes to protein localization"
  • February 22 | Taner Sen, USDA-ARS, Albany, California | "Biological Databases: Managing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Big Data"
  • March 1 | Elena Bray Speth, St. Louis University, Missouri | "Learning biology - and learning how to learn: challenges and strategies for introductory science students" | Video *
  • March 8 | Beth Rowan, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tuebingen, Germany | "The effect of structural variants on crossover positioning in Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • March 15 | Wenbin Mei, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Population genomics of structure variation in maize and teosinte: insights from copy number variants and inversions"

Fall 2016

  • November 30 | Andrew Mcelrone, Department of Viticulture & Enology, USDA-Agricultural Research Service | "Zap that Sap: Insights into plant water uptake and transport from X-ray and neutron beams"
  • November 23 | David Neale, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Forest genetics research in the genomics era" | Video
  • November 16 | Steve Fennimore, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "New tools for weed management in strawberry and vegetables" | Video
  • November 9 | Stephen Kaffka, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Biofuels and biopower from in-state urban, forest and agricultural feed stocks" | Video
  • November 2 | Bo Liu, Department of Plant Biology | "Constructing the microtubular cytoskeleton for plant cell division and expansion"
  • October 26 | R. Ford Denison, University of Minnesota | "The future of nitrogen-fixing crops" | Video
  • October 25 | Ken Shackel, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "The Water Relations and Biophysics of Fruit Cracking in Grape: A Lot More than Skin Deep" | Video
  • October 19 | Tom Gradziel, Professor - UC Davis | "Utilizing exotic germplasm for breeding novel traits in clonal crops" | Video
  • October 12 | Arnold Bloom, Professor - UC Davis | "Metalloproteomics: A Major Player in Plant Carbon/Nitrogen Balance Under Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide"
  • October 5 | Kassim Al-Khatib, the Melvin D. Androus Endowed Professor for Weed Science, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "HerbicIde-Resistant Weeds: A Threat to IPM Programs in California Rice" | Video*
  • September 28 | Loren Oki, Cooperative Extension specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "Water Issues in Environmental Horticulture" | Video*
  • September 14 | Andrew Latimer, professor Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | "How is Increasing Drought Reshaping Plant Communities?: Case Studies in California and South Africa" | Video

Summer 2016

  • August 24 | Karla Cordero Lara, Ph.D. Exit Seminar, Horticulture and Agronomy Graduate Program | "Genetic Analysis of Seedling Vigor-associated Traits in California Rice"
  • June 8 | Dr. Paul Christou, University of Leida Spain | "Synthetic genotypes in plants: Boundaries between metabolic engineering and synthetic biology"

Spring 2016

  • March 30 | Dr. Wataru Sakamoto, Okayama University | “Tissue-specific DNA degradation in organelles: Why chloroplasts retain DNA” | Host: Kentaro Inoue
  • April 6 | Dr. Janet Iwasa, University of Utah | “Animating Cell Biology” | Host: Georgia Drakakaki
  • April 13 | Dr. Dan Potter, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UCD | “Phylogeny and classification of Prunus (Rosaceae, Amygdaloideae)” Host: Georgia Drakakaki | Video
  • April 20 | Dr. Lauren M. Porensky, USDA-ARS Fort Collins, CO | “Backing away from thresholds: the importance of slow, reversible vegetation change in resilient rangelands” | Host: Truman Young
  • April 27 | Dr. Annaliese Franz, Dept. of Chemistry, UCD | “Chemical genetic screening and characterization of oxidative stress response to improve microalgae-based biofuel production in wastewater” | Host: Georgia Drakakaki
  • May 4 | Dr. Carrie Waterman, Dept. of Nutrition UCD | “Meet Moringa: A Medicinal Superfood Ready for Development” | Host:Elizabeth Mitcham
  • May 11 | Dr. Patrick Tranel, U. Illinois – Urbana | “What waterhemp and other Amaranthus weeds have taught us about evolution” | Host: Marie Jasieniuk
  • May 18 | Dr. Katie Dehesh, Dept. of Plant Biology, UCD | “Identification of an integrator of interorganellar communication and an orchestrator of plant development” | Host: Georgia Drakakaki
  • May 25 | Dr. Jennifer Mortimer, Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) | “Untangling Golgi Glycosylation” Host: Georgia Drakakaki
  • June 1 | Shawn Overstreet, Ph.D. candidate, Horticulture and Agronomy Graduate Group, exit seminar | “Oak acorns as a commercial nut crop: Preliminary investigations” | Host: Georgia Drakakaki

Winter 2016

  • January 6 | Martha Hawes, Dept. Soil, Water & Environ. Sciences, University of Arizona, Tuscon  | “Extracellular traps in plant and animal defense:  new insights into mechanisms of eucaryote immunity” 
  • January 13 | Gitta Coaker, Dept. of Plant Pathology, UC Davis | “A tale of two kinases: the role of protein phosphorylation in regulating plant immune responses” 
  • January 20 | Gene Miyao, UC Cooperative Extension, Yolo-Solano-Sacramento Counties | “Processing tomato production: local practices and challenges” (NB: seminar to be held in the Hanna Room, 242 Asmundson Hall)
  • January 27 | Natalia Doudareva, Dept. of Biochemistry, Purdue University, Indiana | “A journey through the metabolic pathways to plant volatile emission”
  • February 3 | Carl Jones, Monsanto Vegetable Seed, Woodland, California | “Applications of marker assisted breeding in the complex landscape of a global vegetable seed industry”
  • February 10 | Mohan Marimuthu, Genome Center, UC Davis | “Differential epigenetic specification of parental centromeres leads to genome elimination in Arabidopsis
  • February 17 | Maria Jose Truco, Genome Center, UC Davis | “Using whole genome sequence towards identifying causal genes in lettuce”
  • February 24 |Carolyn Slupsky,  Depts. of Nutrition, and Food Science and Technology, UC Davis | (title tba)
  • March 2 |Venkatesan Sundaresan,  Dept. of Plant Biology, UC Davis | “Host-microbiome interactions: connections in the plant underworld”
  • March 9 |Melis Akman,  Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis | “In the intersection of adaptation and plasticity: A case study with a South African shrub from The Cape Floristic Region”

Summer/Fall 2015

  • December 2 | Rafael Munhoz Pedroso | “Investigations into the Mechanism of Resistance to Propanil in Cyperus difformis from California Rice.” | Video
  • December 1 | Miguel Altieri, UC Berkeley | “Agroecology: A solid path to feeding a planet in crisis” | Video
  • November 25 | Ioannis (Yiannis) Stergiopoulos, Plant Pathology | “Letters from the hidden kingdom: Dothideomycete fungi as model organisms to study host-driven speciation and the molecular mechanisms of fungal pathogenesis on plants.” | Video
  • November 18 | Chris Simmons, Food Science and Technology | “Sustainable management of lignocellulosic wastes from fruit processing” | Video
  • November 4 | Ellen Dean, Plant Sciences | “Plant Diversity of the Berryessa - Snow Mountain National Monument of California”
  • October 28 | Tom Gordon, Plant Pathology | “Physiological plasticity in plant fungal interactions” | Video
  • October 21 | Sharon Strauss, Evolution and Ecology | “Evolution of plant defenses in relation to the ecological niche in Streptanthus (Brassicaceae)” | Video
  • October 14 | Julin Maloof, Plant Biology | “Extending the Shade Avoidance Gene Network Using Arabidopsis and Tomato” |Video
  • October 7 | Abhaya Dandekar, Dept. of Plant Sciences | “Phenotype to Genotype: Expanding the Paradigm” | Video*
  • September 30 | Bruce Linquist, Dept. of Plant Sciences | “Sustainable Intensification: Research to delivery” | Video*
  • September 23 | Marie Jasieniuk, Dept. of Plant Sciences | “Evolution and spread of agricultural and invasive weeds” | Video*
  • September 16 | Maeli Melotto, Dept. of Plant Sciences | “Cross-kingdom molecular battles in the phyllosphere” | Video *
  • September 2 | Maciej Zwieniecki, Dept. of Plant Sciences | “Life without debt under threat: physiology of carbohydrate management in trees” | Video
  • June 23 | Kassim Al-Khatib, Dept. of Plant Sciences | "Weed Management in California Rice: Challenges and Opportunities" |Video

* Video only available to Plant Sciences faculty