Grad student published in ScienceDirect

Gina GarlandGina Garland, a graduate student in Professor Johan Six’ lab, is lead author in a short communication recently published in ScienceDirect. Co-authored by Emma Suddick, Martin Burger, W.R. Horwath and Six, the paper looks at Direct N2O emissions following transition from conventional till to no-till in a cover cropped Mediterranean vineyard.

Knowing underlying practices for current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a necessary precursor for developing best management practices aimed at reducing N2O emissions. The effect of no-till management on nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas, remains largely unclear, especially in perennial agroecosystems. The objective of their study was to compare direct N2O emissions associated with management events in a cover-cropped Mediterranean vineyard under conventional tillage (CT) versus no-till (NT) practices.

This study took place in a wine grape vineyard over one full growing season, with a focus on the seven to ten days following vineyard floor management and precipitation events. Their data shows that individual management events such as fertilization and cover cropping had a major impact on seasonal emissions, indicating that management events play a critical role in N2O emission patterns.

Garland, a recipient of Plant Sciences Departmental Graduate Student Research Assistantship, is just completing her Maters of Science Degree.