Departmental Accounting and Budget Assistance

Contact person: Debbie Hoelscher

Please be sure to contact her prior to submitting any proposals for outside grant funding. Proper internal documentation and proposal must be sent at least two weeks prior to grant deadline to obtain approvals

Accessing your Accounts:

Once your proposal has been awarded and our unit has received the fully executed agreement an account will be established.

Once we have approval on the account, you will be notified of the full FAU (full accounting unit), this will be a seven digit account as well as a Billing ID which consist of four characters. (example FAU: 3-APSE004-RJXS2; example Billing ID: E004)

Debbie will provide you with monthly balance and detail reports via e-mail. If you have questions and/or concerns about charges, please contact Debbie immediately. If you prefer to have the capability of viewing your accounts via the web, please contact Debbie.