Weeds are a major constraint to food production worldwide causing serious yield and quality losses in all kinds of crops. Thus, weed interference with crops usually prompts for intensive herbicide use, which can become a threat to the environment and human health, and result in high production costs to farmers. Rice is one of the most relevant agronomic crops in California and in the world, and weeds are perhaps the major constraint to rice production worldwide. My research contributes to alleviate the burden of weed control and increase rice production through strategic science that is translated into environmentally compatible solutions for weed management in rice.

My strategic and applied research on herbicide resistance and weed ecophysiology addresses critical weed challenges to California rice production, such as the evolution of herbicide resistant biotypes in major weeds and the recent appearance of weedy forms of rice, which threaten the sustainability of this crop.

My program works towards:

  1. understanding the physiological and biochemical mechanisms endowing herbicide resistance in key weeds of rice and the processes underlying its evolution and spread,
  2. develop knowledge on weed biology and the ecophysiology of rice-weed interactions, and
  3. developing novel weed management concepts for rice.

My program integrates a wide range of research activities whereby basic science supports novel concepts for field-level solutions.

President International Weed Science Society
Mel Androus Professorship for Weed Science in Rice
Charter member Gamma Sigma Delta

International Weed Science Society (President),
Weed Science Society of America,
California Weed Science Society,
Agronomy Society of America,
Rice Technical Working Group

Fischer Lab
Rocío Alarcón-Reverte, Postdoctoral
Alejandro García, PhD Student
Whitney Brim-DeForest, PhD Student
Rafael Pedroso, MS Student
Ibrahim Abdallah, Visiting Scientist, Assist. Prof. Cairo University, Egypt.

Cooperative Rice Experiment Station
James W. Eckert, Staff Research Associate
Steven Johnson, Staff Research Associate