Teaching Interests

I teach three undergraduate and one graduate courses.

  1. I co-teach the core weed science course for undergraduates (Introduction to Weed Science, PLS 176). It covers most aspects of modern weed science and invasive weeds, emphasizing on concepts, while providing also substantial information for real life weed control.

  2. I co-teach an introductory course for freshmen (Plants and Society, PLS/SAS 12) that links basic plant biology and modern agricultural knowledge to the role of plants in society, food security, social implications, and the global environment. It provides Social Sciences, Writing, and Cultural Diversity GE credits.

  3. I also co-teach a plant physiology/metabolic processes course (Plant Metabolic Processes, PLS 100A), which is part of the upper division PLS100 series required for the new Plant Sciences major and was offered for the first time in Fall 2008. The course emphasizes on the relationships between environmental resources, plant metabolism, and plant growth within managed ecosystems.

  4. My graduate-level course (Physiology of Herbicide Action, PBI 212) examines plant physiology through in-depth study of the mode of action and fate of herbicides and discusses environmental implications of herbicide use.


Sailing, photography, travel, nature, woodworking


English, Spanish, French, working knowledge of German and Portuguese