Tobacco thermal, oak thermal, ginko thermalAbout the Lab

Our lab focuses on critical research of the mechanisms of photosynthetic and stomatal variation. To do so we build equipment, or work with the critical mass* of physiologists at UC Davis.  Being at a Land Grant Institution we are dedicated to the inclusion of agronomic outcomes for our basic research. What stomatal or hydraulic characteristics lead to reduced crop water use? How can these traits be screened for, and what selection strategies are useful? Do cellular or organ level differences scale up to whole-plant, canopy or crop processes? These type of transformative research questions are facilitated by the proximity of a large agricultural experiment station, community of cooperative extension specialists and diverse agricultural systems. 

Please feel free to contact us about our research, collaborations and prospective students.

* The number of researchers at UCD is at a critical mass enabling broad and stimulating interactions (the researchers aren’t too critical or massive).



Tobacco, oak and ginko leaves (top, middle and bottom) showing patterns in leaf temperature due to spatially variable stomatal closure.