Dept. of Plant Sciences

Miki Okada - Postdoctoral Research Associate


Miki OkadaDepartment of Plant Sciences
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-0508


Ph.D. Botany, University of California, Riverside
M.S. Genetics, University of California, Davis
B.S. honors Botany, University of California, Davis

Research Focus

I am interested in how population history, population structure, and genetics and ecology of adaptation shape genetic diversity both within and among populations.  My research focus is in the area of plant molecular ecology, genetics, and evolution.  My work in the Jasieniuk lab includes introduction history and mode of spread of invasive plants and evolution of herbicide resistance in agricultural weeds.

Selected Publications

Osuna M, D., M. Okada, R. Ahmad, A.J. Fischer, and M. Jasieniuk (2011) Genetic diversity and spread of thiobencarb resistant early watergrass (Echinochloa oryzoides) in California. Weed Science 59:195-201.

Okada, M., C. Lanzatella, and C.M. Tobias (2011) Single-locus EST-SSR markers for characterization of population genetic diversity and structure across ploidy levels in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum). Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 58:919-931.

Zalapa, J.E., D.L. Price, S.M. Kaeppler, M. Okada, C.M. Tobias, and M.D. Casler (2011) Heirarchical classification of switchgrass cultivars using EST-SSR and chloroplast sequences: ecotypes, ploidies, gene pools and cultivars. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122:805-807.

Okada, M., C. Lanzatella, M. Saha, J. Bouton, R. Wu, and C.M. Tobias (2010) Complete switchgrass genetic maps reveal subgenome collinearity, preferential pairing, and multilocus interactions. Genetics 185:745-760.

Okada, M., B.J. Grewell, and M. Jasieniuk (2009) Clonal spread of invasive Ludwigia species in freshwater wetlands of California.  Aquatic Botany 91:123-129.

Okada, M., M. Lyle, and M. Jasieniuk (2009) Inferring the geographical origin of the invasive apomictic grass Cortaderia jubata using microsatellite markers. Diversity and Distributions 15:148-157.

Okada, M., R. Ahmad, and M. Jasieniuk (2007)  Microsatellite variation points to local landscape plantings as sources of invasive pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) populations in California.  Molecular Ecology 16:4956–4971.

Ahmad, R., M. Okada, J. Firestone, C. Mallek, and M. Jasieniuk (2006)  Development of microsatellite markers for cultivar identification in the ornamental pampas grass Cortaderia selloanaJournal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 131:499-505

Okada, M., T.K. Lowrey, and R. Whitkus (2000)  Quantitative morphological variation in Tetramolopium (Asteraceae) in Hawaii and the Cook Islands.  Plant Systematics and Evolution 221:1-13.

Okada, M., R. Whitkus, and T. K. Lowrey (1997)  Genetics of adaptive radiation in Hawaii and Cook Islands species of Tetramolopium (Asteraceae; Astereae):  I.  Nuclear RFLP marker diversity.  American Journal of Botany 84:1236-1246.

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