Dept. of Plant Sciences

Current Lab Members

Marie Jasieniuk

Marie Jasieniuk - Principal Investigator

Research Focus: Population genetics, molecular ecology, and evolution of agricultural weeds and invasive plants. Genetics, evolution, and spread of herbicide resistance in weed populations.    more details...




Miki Okada

Miki Okada - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Focus: I am interested in how population history, population structure, and genetics and ecology of adaptation shape genetic diversity both within and among populations.  My research focus is in the area of plant molecular ecology, genetics, and evolution.  My work in the Jasieniuk lab includes introduction history and mode of spread of invasive plants and evolution of herbicide resistance in agricultural weeds.  more details...




Elizabeth (Libby) Karn

Elizabeth (Libby) Karn - Ph.D. Student

Education: B.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research Focus: My interests include the evolution of recent adaptive traits in response to intense selective pressures, the genetics and biology of those traits, and the effects they have on the population biology of a species.  My dissertation research focuses on the evolution and underlying genetic basis of glyphosate resistance in California populations of Lolium.




Former Graduate Students

Annabelle Kleist

Annabelle Kleist (Ph.D. 2012) – California Science and Technology Policy Fellow, California Council on Science and Technology, Sacramento

Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark (Ph.D. 2011) - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Energy Biosciences Institute, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Jeff Firestone

Jeff Firestone (Ph.D. 2011) - Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park

Anna Sherwood

Anna Sherwood (Ph.D. 2011) - Director of Research and Development, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation, Seattle




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