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Lab Members


Andrew Latimer, Associate Professor

email: amlatimer@ucdavis.edu

Michael Koontz, PhD Student in Ecology (co-advised with Malcolm North)

Mike's website


Marina LaForgia, PhD Student in Ecology

Marina's website

email: mlaforgia@ucdavis.edu



Alexandra Weill -- Ph.D. Student in Ecology

Allie's website

email: amweill@ucdavis.edu


Derek Young -- Postdoctoral Researcher

Derek's website

email: djyoung@ucdavis.edu


Catherine Eskra, Ph. Student in Ecology

email: cceskra@ucdavis.edu


Former Members


Brian Smithers -- PhD student 2012-2017 -- Now postdoctoral researcher working with Malcolm North with US Forest Service

Melis Akman -- Postdoctoral Researcher 2013-2016 -- Now postdoctoral researcher working with Ben Blackman at UC Berkeley. Melis' website

Katie Stuble, Postdoctoral researcher, 2015-2016 -- Now Researcher at Holden Arboretum

email: kstuble@holdenarb.org

Xinyi Zhao, Visiting M.S. Student from Amsterdam University -- now applying to grad school

email: xyizhao@uc.davis.edu

Jens Stevens -- PhD Student 2009-2014 -- Now Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkeley. Jens' website

Brooke Jacobs – Postdoctoral Researcher 2009-2012 -- Now Ecologist at California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Marc Coudel, École Normale Supérieure – 2009, MS-level intern

Some of our current collaborators

Jeff Diez, UC Riverside
Rob Dunn, North Carolina State University
Alan Gelfand, Duke University
Jim Clark, Duke University
Ernesto Gianoli, Universidad de Concepción
Susan Harrison, UC Davis
Janneke HilleRisLambers, U Washington
Tina Heger, University of Potsdam
Kent Holsinger, University of Connecticut
Cynthia Jones, University of Connecticut
Malcolm North, US Forest Service
Tony Rebelo, South African National Biodiversity Institute
Carl Schlichting, University of Connecticut
John Silander, University of Connecticut
Jasper Slingsby, South African Environmental Observation Network
Jens Stevens, UC Berkeley
Cory Merow, Yale University

Adam Wilson, University at Buffalo


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