Vito S. Polito



Professor Emeritus of Plant Sciences

Department of Plant Sciences
University of California
CA 95616 USA

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My research program focuses on reproductive biology of tree-crop species, especially almond, olive, pistachio and walnut. My colleagues and I are currently working to document genetic diversity in olive cultivars and wild germplasm, olive compatibility relationships, and the reproductive and pollination biology of Mediterranean-climate, pomologial species.


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Decault, M. and Polito, V. 2010. High Temperatures during Bloom Can Inhibit Pollen Germination and Tube Growth, and Adversely Affect Fruit Set in the Prunus domestica Cultvars ‘Improved French’ and ‘Muir Beauty’. Acta Horticulturae 874:163-168. download reprint 1.14MB pdf)

Cuevas, J, V. Pinillos, V.S. Polito. 2009. Effective pollination period for 'Manzanillo' and 'Picual' olive trees. J. Hortic. Sci. Biotech. 84: 370-374. (download reprint 416kB pdf)

Gratton, S.R., M.J. Berenguer, J.H. Connell, V.S. Polito, P.M. Vossen. 2006. Olive oil production as influenced by differnt quantities of applied water. Agric. Water Management 85: 133-140. (download reprint 248kB pdf)

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Hormaza, J. I., L. Dollo and V.S. Polito. 1994. Determination of relatedness and geographical movements of Pistacia vera L. (Pistachio; Anacardiaceae) germplasm by RAPD analysis. Economic Botany 48:349-358.

Hormaza, J. I., L. Dollo and V.S. Polito. 1994. Identification of a RAPD marker linked to sex determination in Pistacia vera using bulked segregant analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 89:9-13.

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