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Collaboration with other groups

Because of a strong reliance on tracers to follow the flow of nutrients in the various agroecosystems, often across landscapes, the use of stable isotopes is dominant in many of our studies. We have a strong collaboration with the UC Davis Stable Isotope Facility.

A strong collaborative research program on cropping system performance has been established with Dr. W.R. Horwath ( in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at UC Davis. Collaborative research projects at UCD are also carried out with Dr. D. Phillips ( on climate change, Dr. R. Plant ( on climate change and C cycling and sequestration, and with Dr. J. Hopmans (, Dr. D. Rolston (, and Dr. K Paw U ( on C cycling and sequestration. Collaborative research on pasture management and the role of riparian zones in water quality is conducted with K. Tate (

Off campus collaborative research on climate change and cropping systems is carried out with Dr. M. Sadowsky ( of the University of Minnesota, USA, and Dr. J-W. van Groenigen ( and Dr. N. van Breemen (, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

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