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Root: shoot ratios in cultivated and wild Medicago truncatula cultivars

Photo of a sample jarMedicago truncatula has emerged in the last few years as a model legume species for fundamental studies of plant-microbe interactions and is increasingly being used to investigate important developmental questions. Based on their origin and state of selection, we expect different lines of M. truncatula to have varying root: shoot (R:S) ratios. Photo of sample jarsWild (i.e. unselected) lines should have root systems that can exploit more unpredictable and stressful soil environments than their cultivated (i.e. selected) relatives. Therefore, we predict that wild M. truncatula plants will have higher R:S  ratios. In this project we identify materials for testing how root exudation varies among M. truncatula lines with differing R:S ratios. In futurexx experiments, we will test how various levels of atmospheric CO2 interact with R:S ratios and root exudation.