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Emily Kirk

Emilie Kirk

M.Sc. Student



M.Sc. Soils and Biogeochemistry, University of California, Davis (In progess)

B.S.  International Agricultural Development, Crop production and soils emphasis, University of California, Davis, 2011.


Research Interests:

My general research interests include the soil processes under the unique conditions of flooded rice cultivation, and their implications for plant growth, nutrient cycling, contaminant transport, and land management. I am also interested in feedback mechanisms between industrialized agricultural research and traditional farming systems. Additionally, I am interested in exploring ways that a system’s complexity can be utilized as a resource, ecosystems approaches to farming, and farmer-to-farmer extension and knowledge-sharing.

My specific research goals currently are to help develop nitrogen fertility management plans for rice grown on peat soils in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The objective is to establish a sustainable, irrigated rice cropping system there in order to more closely mimic the natural state of the that biome and thus reduce the degradation and subsidence of the soils there. Ideally this will facilitate continued use of the area for food production while decreasing risks posed to California’s freshwater supply and the environment.