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Monika Krupa

M.Sc. Student

Resume (PDF)

M.S. Soils and Biogeochemistry, University of California, Davis, 2010. (In progress)
B.A. Environmental Sciences - biological emphasis, University of California, Berkeley, 2006.

Research Interests:
My general interest is in the effects of various land and water management practices on water quality. My current research is focused on dissolved organic carbon (DOC), which plays a critical role in many ecosystem processes. At high concentrations DOC has the potential to pose a serious threat to human health through its reaction with chlorine during drinking water treatment, resulting in the formation of carcinogenic and mutagenic disinfection byproducts (DBPs). My current study attempts relate land use and seasonality to the quantity, chemical composition and biodegradability of DOC being released from drain watersheds in the Sacramento Valley.

  • Influence of land use, seasonality and biodegradation on dissolved organic carbon concentration and trihalomethane formation potential across field and watershed scales.