Cal Qualset, UC Davis

Calvin Qualset Receives Academic Senate's 'Distinguished Scholarly Public Service' Award

UC Davis' Academic Senate and Academic Federation honor their members each year for teaching, research, and public service. Calvin Qualset received the "Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award." Here are all of this year's awards:

Academic Senate

  • Faculty Distinguished Research Award
    • Carlito Lebrilla (Chemistry)
  • Distinguished Scholarly Public Service
    • Calvin Qualset (Plant Sciences)
    • Jeannie Darby (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    • Gregory Downs (History)
  • Distinguished Teaching, Undergraduate
    • John Eadie (Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology)
    • Gail Patricelli (Evolution and Ecology)
    • Jared Shaw (Chemistry
  • Distinguished Teaching, Graduate and Professional
    • Annaliese Franz (Chemistry)
    • Mark Jerng (English)
    • Patricia Pesavento (Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology; Vet Med)

Academic Federation

  • Distinguished Service
    • Richard Snyder (Land, Air and Water Resources)
  • Excellence in Research
    • Tina Saitone (Agricultural and Resource Economics)
  • Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching
    • Peter Green (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    • Richard Pomeroy (School of Education)
    • Willard Snyder (Graduate School of Management)

Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award: Calvin O. Qualset, Professor Emeritus, Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Professor emeritus Calvin Qualset receives Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award at UC Davis.

Cal Qualset has made outstanding contributions to agriculture as an expert on agricultural biodiversity conservation. He has been instrumental in developing more than 24 new varieties of wheat, oat, and triticale since joining the UC Davis faculty in 1967. He helped shape many of the activities and processes in the United States and abroad that seek to conserve the genetic diversity of crops. He has graciously given his time to numerous institutions, including the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency, providing sound, science-based advice aimed at improving genetic conservation.

Awards were presented on April 30 at UC Davis.

(This article is condensed from UC Davis Dateline where you can read about all award recipients.)

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