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UC Davis Plant Sciences Prof. Jennifer Funk explains the benefit of planting valley oaks to ABC10 News reporter Carley Gomez.

Funk, Ossola offer landscape tips amid drought on ABC10

Quick Summary

  • Plant drought-tolerant, native plants to save water and money
  • For long-term cooling help, plant trees

Save money with native plants and trees, researchers suggest

Jennifer Funk and Alessandro Ossola appeared on ABC10 News in Sacramento to offer tips for conserving water, as Gov. Gavin Newsom warns Californians to either cut back on water use or face mandatory restrictions amid the West's second year of this latest drought.

Traditional residential landscaping, including lawns, uses a “significant” amount of water. Californians can cut back by planting native species such as golden poppies and valley oaks, the Department of Plant Sciences faculty members suggested.

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