Presenting Our Plant Sciences Retirees, Class of 2017–2018

Dan Parfitt and Garry Pearson

Of the 558 academic and staff members who retired during the 2017–2018 academic year from the UC Davis and Sacramento campuses, eight are from the Department of Plant Sciences. In addition, at least four of the campus-wide retirees are alumni from Plant Sciences (and its four predecessor departments: Agronomy and Range Science, Environmental Horticulture, Pomology, and Vegetable Crops).

The eight retirees from Plant Sciences clocked a total of 199.75 years of service to UC Davis.

Plant Sciences retirees, 2017–2018

  • Dan Parfitt — 37.00 years; Agronomist
  • Garry Pearson — 35.75 years; Agriculture manager
  • Richard Evans — 32.42 years; Cooperative Extension specialist
  • Rogelio Montoya — 29.42 years; Agricultural technician
  • Jean Shepard — 22.58 years; Museum scientist
  • Craig Schriefer — 15.33 years; Research assistant
  • Lynn Gallagher — 14.67 years; Project scientist
  • Melanie Greenleaf — 12.58 years; Payroll/personnel assistant

UC Davis retirees who are alumni of Plant Sciences, 2017–2018

  • Ellen Zagory — 38.75 years; Curator, Arboretum
  • Garry Pearson — 35.75 years; Agriculture manager, Plant Sciences
  • Richard Evans — 32.42 years; Cooperative Extension specialist; Plant Sciences
  • Richard Hoenisch — 12.58 years; Trainer, Plant Pathology
Chancellor Gary May addressing the new UC Davis retirees.
Chancellor Gary May addressing the new UC Davis retirees.

“I’m very glad to have this opportunity to publicly express the university’s deep gratitude for your years of dedicated service,” Chancellor Gary S. May said in his remarks at the reception for all retirees, held at the Conference Center. “Your university is a better place today because of your accomplishments, because of your hard work and because of your dedication to excellence.”

The chancellor encouraged the retirees to appreciate their efforts on behalf of the university and to acknowledge they contributed to the “big picture.” And he asked the retirees to stay connected to “their” university.

Congratulations to all of the retirees. To see the list of all 558 retirees, see the article in UC Davis News.

[Full article by Dateline staff, Dave Jones, editor; condensed article for Plant Sciences byAnn Filmer, Plant Sciences.]

Dan Parfitt and Garry Pearson
Two of the longest-serving retirees in Plant Sciences: Dan Parfitt and Garry Pearson.

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