Conservation, Restoration, and Rangeland Management

Partnerships needed for rangeland sustainability, UC Davis researchers find

It has been proposed that ecosystem service markets – an economic model that encourages ecological conservation and regeneration by establishing a supply-and-demand market for things like water and biodiversity – are the solution for sustainable food systems on rangelands. Despite this conceptual argument, these market types have failed to emerge.

Jennifer Funk receives $481,272 USDA grant to better understand drought in rangelands

As Californian counties begin to issue water shortages for 2021 and lakes and rivers precipitously fall in their water levels, the threats posed to communities by drought are again becoming clear.

In the case of rangelands, or open country that is grazed by livestock and which accounts for over 6 million acres of the Golden State, droughts coupled with drier and more variable rainfalls are expected to present significant impacts and challenges, especially for ranchers.

Leslie M. Roche

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Rangeland and pasture management, ecology of grazing lands, grazing systems, drought and climate change adaptation, participatory research
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Daniel Potter

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Plant systematics; taxonomy, evolution, and phylogenetic relationships of fruit crops and their wild relatives; molecular approaches to phylogeny reconstruction; ethnobotany
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