Conservation, Restoration, and Rangeland Management

Daniel Potter

  • Professor
  • Faculty
  • Plant Sciences Executive Committee - Teaching and Curriculum
Plant systematics; taxonomy, evolution, and phylogenetic relationships of fruit crops and their wild relatives; molecular approaches to phylogeny reconstruction; ethnobotany
UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616

David Neale

  • Distinguished Professor
  • Emeriti
My primary research interest is in the discovery and understanding of the function of genes in forest trees, especially those controlling complex traits
UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616

Valerie Eviner

  • Professor and Ecologist in AES
  • Faculty
  • Crops and Ecosystems
Using a mechanistic understanding of plant-soil interactions to increase our understanding and effective management of: ecosystem services, plant invasions, restoration, plant community composition, biogeochemical cycling, global change, grazing systems, and resilience of ecosystem structure and function
1312 PES
UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616

What We Do

The Department of Plant Sciences engages in teaching, research and outreach in all aspects of agricultural and environmental plant science. Our programs cover the full spectrum of the land-grant university tradition of scholarship, ranging from fundamental discovery to application of research findings to delivery of research-based knowledge and new technology to end users. Through the integration of basic and applied sciences, our teaching, research and outreach programs are highly effective in training students and addressing theoretical and technological frontiers in plant sciences.