UC Davis Daily Symptom Survey

The UC system is requiring everyone to complete an online daily symptom survey IF they will be entering a university building/facility. This must be done each day.


Survey can be found here either here: https://hem.ucdavis.edu/ or here: http://symptomsurvey.ucdavis.edu/ or if you prefer a QR code:

qr code






  1. Fill out the survey either from home or from your phone before entering buildings. If you are working in the field, at home, or anywhere else besides inside a UCD building, you do not have to fill out a survey.
  2. When you have finished with the survey, it will send you an email with the results (as well as showing on your screen).
    1. Please forward that email to your immediate supervisor and to plssymptom@ucdavis.edu.
    2. Supervisors may delegate receiving this email to someone else.
    3. People without supervisors should send their survey results to plssymptom@ucdavis.edu
  3. There will be no one stationed at our building entrances for plant sciences facilities as all of our buildings are locked and will stay locked for the Fall quarter. Other buildings might have a person checking your survey, so be aware of this. You can show them your email/phone screen if they ask. If you don’t use your personal phone for work purposes, you can always print out the email to show other facilities.
  4. Visitors to your site, including vendors (i.e. FedEx), must take the survey by using the link above.
    1. If they pass the survey, they are allowed into the building.
    2. If they fail, they are not allowed into the building. In the case of deliveries, they can leave the packages for you outside the building.
    3. If they will be there for a while, you are given the option of giving them a sticker to wear. Contact Karin (krdeal@ucdavis.edu) for stickers.
  5. Record keeping
    1. Don’t keep a paper trail.
    2. Delete survey emails after receiving them within 30 days
    3. All survey results will be kept by UCD Risk Management.
  6. If you are feeling ill, even if you are sure that you don’t have Covid-19, STAY HOME. Do not fill out the survey. Do not come to work until you are feeling better. Survey results should NOT be given to ReportCovid@ucdavis.edu
  7. If you make a mistake on the survey and get a Fail,
    1. Retake the survey
    2. Tell your supervisor
    3. Do not forward the Fail notice
  8. Answers to more questions can be found here: https://campusready.ucdavis.edu/daily-symptom-survey.