Applied Bioinformatics

Fall 2010

Welcome to the course web page for BIT150: Applied Bioinformatics.

General course information, class materials, and the like can be found here, updated as the course progresses.

CRN # 54340

Class: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 10:50 AM Wellman 103

Lab: Thursday 4:00 6:00 PM PES 1137 Door Code 93175 Computer lab schedule



  First five weeks:   Jorge Dubcovsky (   Office hours F 2 4 PM (Hunt 281)

Second five weeks: David Neale ( Office hours F 2 4 PM (Robbins 262c)



First five weeks: Rebecca Nitcher ( Office hours M & W 10:30 AM 12:00 PM (1137 PES)

Second five weeks: Jill Wegrzyn (



Bioinformatics. A practical guide to the analysis of genes and proteins. A.D. Baxevanis & B.F.F. Ouellette. Wiley-Interscience. Third Edition. 2005. 



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