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  • Chris van Kessel, Johan Six, Bruce Linquist

    No-till agriculture may not bring hoped-for boost in global crop yields

    10/22/2014 - No-till farming, a key conservation agriculture strategy, may not bring a hoped-for boost in crop yields in much of the world, according to an extensive new meta-analysis by an international team led by Plant Sciences researchers. More...

  • Matthew Gilbert and Viviana Medina

    Drought and the bean stalk

    10/20/2014 - Plant Sciences' Matthew Gilbert and Viviana Medina made the UC Davis homepage earlier this month for their experiment focusing on drought and beans and the relationship to climate change. More...

  • Ten years of Plant Sciences

    New series celebrates 10 years of Plant Sciences

    10/15/2014 - The department’s century-old roots, groundbreaking milestones and upcoming projects are now being highlighted in a new anniversary campaign rolling out over the coming weeks. Ten articles in 10 weeks will set the stage for an anniversary celebration to be held in January, 2015. More...

  • Students set up strip till

    Students set up first strip-tilled spinach field

    10/7/2014 - Plant Sciences graduate student Elyssa Lewis explains a series of new trials her PLS 110C class is embarking on. More...

  • Ken Shackel

    Scientists receive water use award

    9/16/2014 - Plant Sciences Professor Ken Shackel was recently awarded for his team’s project “Microirrigation for Sustainable Water Use. More...

  • OneUCD

    New campaign shows agricultural partnerships and achievements

    9/12/2014 - "One UC Davis” puts the spotlight on Plant Sciences in a new campaign that demonstrates how the university and its industry partners nourish the state with food, economic activity and better health. More...

  • Kevin Rice

    Understanding and Preparing for the Threat of Plum Pox Virus

    9/10/2014 - The Fruit and Nut RIC is organizing a two day international meeting to address a new threat to the U.S. stone fruit industry: Plum Pox Virus (PPV, a.k.a. sharka disease). The meeting will be held in UC Davis’ Giedt Hall September 29-30. More...

  • Kevin Rice

    Plant Sciences Professor Kevin Rice retires

    9/8/2014 - For those who know Professor Kevin Rice well, they have seen both the fun-loving professor and the serious scientist at work. More...

  • Steve Kaffka

    IREC Field Day at Tulelake

    9/4/2014 - UC’s IREC had its Annual Field Day August 13 at its Tulelake headquarters, on the border with Oregon. It was also the 100th Anniversary Celebration of UC Cooperative Extension, with many extension affiliates attending. From Plant Sciences, CE Specialist Stephen Kaffka spoke at the event. More...

  • sheep rancher

    Drought lessons from a sheep rancher

    8/26/2014 - The Plant Sciences team working on the Voices from the Drought project now has on the UC Davis homepage a feature, photography and a video about one success story. More...

  • HortCrsp crop

    Horticulture Innovation Lab offers nutrition, postharvest, gender grants

    8/19/2014 - The lab has announced several new funding opportunities for collaborations between U.S. universities and organizations in developing countries to address the needs of smallholder fruit and vegetable farmers. More...

  • peaches

    Ladderless peach and nectarine orchards explored

    8/12/2014 - Plant Sciences researchers are testing semi-dwarfing rootstocks as part of an experiment covering nearly every aspect of production. More...


  • One California: The future of farming

    One California: The Future of Farming

    10/13/2014 - From our land-grant university tradition to our renowned College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis is growing the future of agriculture with farmers like the Mullers every day. More...

  • Theresa Costa - Biotechnology advisor

    Advising in the Biotechnology Major at UC Davis

    10/7/2014 - A snappy, new video by biotechnology students Lauren Salinero, Alex Wai, Devin Humpal and others in the Biotechnology Club offers tips on navigating the program. More...

  • Dan Putnam

    UC Davis and Netafim team up for Alfalfa Field Day

    Plant Sciences CE Specialist Dan Putnam teamed up with Netafim to showcase subsurface drip irrigation for a recent alfalfa field tour. More...

  • peaches

    Why Peaches Started Tasting Better

    Plant Sciences’ Carlos Crisosto talks about working with peach growers in this video for a new UC Davis ag campaign. More...

  • tomato growers

    Research Grows the Confidence of California Tomato Growers

    Plant Sciences researcher Ann Powell talks in this video about working with growers to develop better tomatoes. More...

  • Voices from the drought

    Voices from the drought

    For the Voices project, the Plant Sciences team recorded Mel Thompson at his 700-acre ranch near Oroville, where he manages 300-500 head of sheep. Through innovative strategies, Thompson has been able to fair well through the drought. More...

  • Weed Day 2014

    Weed Day draws a crowd

    Weed management research took center stage July 10 at UC Davis, when scientists, students, regulators and weed managers gathered for the 58th annual Weed Day. More...

  • Jorge Dubcovsky

    Dubcovsky: the battle with pathogens

    Plant Sciences’ Jorge Dubcovsky, a recipient of the 2014 Wolf Prize in Agriculture and an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, discusses his work to dramatically improve the nutritional value and production of wheat. More...

  • Brad Hooker and Ken Tate

    Plant Sciences on Capitol Public Radio

    CE Specialist Ken Tate and Plant Sciences Writer Brad Hooker recently visited Capitol Public Radio to discuss their new Voices from the Drought project. More…

  • Emeriti Lunch 2014

    Plant Sciences emeriti return for luncheon

    On May 9, new faculty and retired emeriti, advisor professors and their early students, friends and colleagues and at least four generations of department heads talked over lunch about today’s plant sciences, while exchanging stories from years past. More...

  • my view of the drought

    Voices from the Drought: Adam Cline on the true cost

    "Every rancher is equipped for an average drought. But a drought like this is really hard to manage for and really hard to manage out of." More...

  • my view of the drought

    My View of the Drought

    Caroline Roberti tells how the drought in Northern California has affected her family’s cattle and hay ranch in Sierra Valley. More…


  • Oct. 29, 2014 seminar

    Summer/Fall 2014 Plant Sciences Seminar Series

    Kentaro Inoue will present: "Vital roles of Barrels & Scissors in Photosynthesis Research" on Wednesday, October 29, from noon to 1:00 p.m. in Room 3001 of the Plant and Environmental Sciences Building.

  • Nov. 7, 2014 drought seminar

    Ranching and California's Drought: A Workshop and Webcast

    A range of experts will be speaking Nov. 7 on how ranchers are coping, new strategies and forecasts and what the Drought Monitor means. The event is organized by Ken Tate’s team and will feature new results from Leslie Roche’s vast survey. More...

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