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  • strawberries

    Special report: UC Davis’ strawberry breeding program

    7/10/2014 - Learn more about our acclaimed agricultural program and find updates on the California Strawberry Commission lawsuit. More...

  • Connecting wildfires to climate change and drought

    Connecting wildfires to climate change and drought

    7/8/2014 - Jens Stevens, a recent doctoral graduate in Plant Sciences, tracked how forests that have been thinned to manage for wildfire react to high-intensity burns. The answers he found touch on growing concerns over how the state can protect its forests. More...

  • Kevin Rice

    Big Science: Celebrating the work of Kevin Rice

    6/30/2014 - A UC Davis symposium titled "Plant Ecology, Evolution and Conservation: A Celebration of Big Science" honors the career and research themes of Plant Sciences' Kevin Rice, who is retiring this year. More...

  • Jorge Dubcovsky

    Springtime for wheat starts with a gene that ‘sees’ light

    6/24/2014 - Plant Sciences researchers have discovered the function of a gene that allows wheat to discern the length of each day and night. More...

  • Larry Teuber

    Remembering Larry Ross Teuber

    6/17/2014 - Long-time UC Davis alfalfa researcher, Dr. Larry Teuber, passed away May 19 after a long battle with cancer. Follow the link for details on his Celebration of Life and a tribute to Larry and his work. More...

  • Paul Gepts

    Bean genome sequencing yields uncommon findings

    6/9/2014 - A newly reported genome sequence for the common bean — which includes a number of varieties that together rank as the world’s 10th most widely grown food crop — has been released by a research team including a UC Davis Plant Sciences professor. The results shed light on nitrogen fixation, domestication and disease resistance. More...


  • Jorge Dubcovsky

    Dubcovsky: the battle with pathogens

    Plant Sciences’ Jorge Dubcovsky, a recipient of the 2014 Wolf Prize in Agriculture and an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, discusses his work to dramatically improve the nutritional value and production of wheat. More...

  • Brad Hooker and Ken Tate

    Plant Sciences on Capitol Public Radio

    CE Specialist Ken Tate and Plant Sciences Writer Brad Hooker recently visited Capitol Public Radio to discuss their new Voices from the Drought project. More…

  • Emeriti Lunch 2014

    Plant Sciences emeriti return for luncheon

    On May 9, new faculty and retired emeriti, advisor professors and their early students, friends and colleagues and at least four generations of department heads talked over lunch about today’s plant sciences, while exchanging stories from years past. More...

  • my view of the drought

    Voices from the Drought: Adam Cline on the true cost

    "Every rancher is equipped for an average drought. But a drought like this is really hard to manage for and really hard to manage out of." More...

  • my view of the drought

    My View of the Drought

    Caroline Roberti tells how the drought in Northern California has affected her family’s cattle and hay ranch in Sierra Valley. More…


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