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  • peanuts

    First peanut genomes sequenced

    4/16/2014 - The International Peanut Genome Initiative — a multinational group of crop geneticists, including a UC Davis Plant Sciences researcher — has successfully sequenced the genome of the peanut. More...

  • extreme drought

    Extreme drought may predict plant responses to climate change

    4/10/2014 - A team including Plant Sciences’ Andrew Latimer is seeking answers for how entire plant communities are being affected by extreme conditions like California’s drought. More...

  • Field Study

    Field study shows why food quality will suffer with rising CO2

    4/8/2014 - Findings from this wheat study, led by UC Davis Plant Sciences Professor Arnold Bloom, indicate that nutritional quality of crops is at risk as climate change intensifies. More...

  • CAES Field Day

    CA&ES Field Day hosts FFA student contests

    3/25/2014 - Thousands of high school students bussed in to UC Davis earlier this month to compete in 25 FFA contests, including agronomy, floriculture and vegetable crops. More...

  • Loblolly pine

    Loblolly pine's immense genome sequenced

    3/20/2014 - The massive genome sequence of the loblolly pine has been completed by a nationwide research team, led by a UC Davis Plant Sciences professor. More...

  • Voices of the drought

    UC team launches 'Voices from the Drought’

    3/18/2014 - A UC team led by Ken Tate is capturing oral stories in a new project called "Farmer and Rancher Voices from the Drought," which coincides with a new Facebook group. Read more at the UC Green Blog.

  • Brad Hanson

    Plant Sciences members receive multiple weed science awards

    3/3/2014 - CE Specialist Brad Hanson recently received excellence awards from CWSS and WSSA, while grad students were awarded for a research paper and posters at the CWSS conference. Prof. Emer. Robert Norris will receive a Fellow Award from WSWS. More...

  • Mel George

    Mel George receives W. R. Chapline Stewardship Award

    2/28/2014 - Retired CE Specialist Mel George received the W.R. Chapline Stewardship Award last month from the Society for Range Management. More...

  • Ken Tate study

    Study released on impacts of conifer removal to restore aspen stands

    2/19/2014 - A project by UC Davis Plant Sciences and USFS found conifer removal to restore aspen stands can be done without degrading aquatic ecosystems. More...

  • Arnold Bloom

    Professor Bloom named Orr Endowed Chair

    2/14/2014 - Known for his theory explaining how higher CO2 inhibits some plant processes, Professor Arnold Bloom will use his position as the John B. Orr Endowed Chair to expand his research virtually. More...

  • Elana Peach-Fine award

    Plant Sciences grad in IAD receives excellence award

    2/7/2014 - Plant Sciences grad Elana Peach-Fine was recently presented with an award by Raj Shah, administrator for USAID, for her work as a graduate student with the Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program. More...


  • my view of the drought

    Drought: Jeff Fowle on planning for the worst

    "It'll catch ya when you're not looking and put you out of business."

    Jeff Fowle runs a multi-generational ranching operation in Siskiyou County and is a member of the California Farm Bureau. More…

  • my view of the drought

    My View of the Drought

    Caroline Roberti tells how the drought in Northern California has affected her family’s cattle and hay ranch in Sierra Valley. More…

  • cobra lily

    Predatory Plant: Lure of the Cobra Lily

    In this amazingly shot video, Barry Rice, from the Center for Plant Diversity at Plant Sciences, provides commentary. More…

  • The Beneficial Bean

    The Beneficial Bean

    In the News: Paul Gepts is interviewed in this CDFA/California Grown video on beans. UC Davis is currently filming a new video on Gepts’ research as well. More…

  • Valley's Gold - Cotton

    Valley's Gold

    CE Specialist Jeff Mitchell was recently interviewed for this series on ValleyPBS covering cotton growing practices. More…

  • World Food Center

    World Food Center focuses on the big picture

    The World Food Center at UC Davis fosters global collaboration and focuses the university's resources and renowned experts on food challenges that threaten our environment, society and health. More...

  • UC Davis ranks No. 1 in the world for agricultural teaching and research

    UC Davis ranks No. 1 in the world for agricultural teaching and research

    UC Davis is No. 1 in the world for teaching and research in the area of agriculture and forestry, according to rankings released today by QS World University Rankings. More...


  • April 9, 2014 seminar

    Plant Sciences Spring Seminar Series

    April 16Stacey Harmer, UCD Dept. of Plant Biology, will present: "Circadian rhythms are turning heads: clock regulation of growth pathways in Arabidopsis and sunflower" on Wednesday, April 16, from noon to 1:00 p.m. in Room 3001 of the Plant and Environmental Sciences Building.

  • Advances in Stable Isotope Techniques and Applications (ASITA) Conference

    June 15 - 18This conference will take place in sunny Davis, California from June 15 to 18, 2014.   The meeting focuses on methodology advancements, technical challenges, and novel applications of isotope analyses.  This workshop has a reputation of being a lighthearted forum for discussing and solving technical challenges.   Registration and abstract submission is open.   Early registration ends May 15.  Please visit the ASITA website for more information.

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