Guidelines for Departmental GSR Annual Progress Report and Final Report

Students who have been awarded a Plant Sciences GSR Award are required to submit an annual progress report each summer during the period covered by their award, submitting a final report in the summer of the last year of their award. These reports provide the Department Chair with information on the student's research progress and research-related activities, such as publications and presentations, as well as the student's teaching activities. (Master's students are required to TA at least once during their GSR award period, PhD students are required to TA at least twice.) For students who have not reached the end of their award period, the Department Chair will use this information to determine whether or not the student has maintained his/her eligibility to continue to receive Plant Sciences GSR Award funding.

The annual progress/final reports are due July 1. Please use the on-line report form.

Questions regarding the reports should be directed to Lisa Brown (or 530-752-7738).