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Alfalfa: Flexible amid drought and high in protein

As growers face continued reductions in water available to irrigate crops, and while the world needs more food produced and more protein in particular, alfalfa offers an attractive option. It yields remarkedly well under  reduced irrigation, and its protein can be consumed by both animals and people.

Researchers are working to answer questions and solve obstacles that remain to its wider use, visitors learned at the UC Davis Small Grains/Alfalfa Field Day held May 9. A range of topics were covered:

Green waste byproducts work as fertilizer, study shows

Anaerobic digesters are commercial facilities that break down food and yard waste to create energy by capturing methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The industry has been growing for decades, boosted in 2022 by a new requirement in California that all jurisdictions collect this waste and recycle it. It’s a key part of the state’s drive to reduce the dangerous, climate-warming gases that green waste creates when it decomposes in landfills.