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As part of our current strategy, The Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California, Davis has initiated a major new 'Recruitment For Excellence' that over the last few years has been successful in the appointment of 12 new faculty members at assistant/associate professor rank. The department is world-leading and provides a vibrant and dynamic environment with engaged and highly collaborative faculty, working from molecule to ecosystem, applying fundamental knowledge to address real-world problems in Plant Sciences. Why not join us?

Post-pandemic we are continuing to ensure the department remains world-leading. We seek the highest quality applicants and in return offer a competitive start-up and outstanding opportunities across the agricultural, environmental and life science campus that is Davis. In 2022, we are committed to ensuring the future longevity of our world-leading, strawberry breeding program, with a new hire ‘Assistant professor of strawberry breeding and Director-Elect of the strawberry breeding program’ Please consider making an application here.

We will also be recruiting for an Assistant Professor of Extension in ‘Invasive weed and restoration ecology’ – watch this space for further details and please contact the Chair of Plant Sciences, Distinguished Professor Gail Taylor, gtaylor@ucdavis.edu


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