Students and education

‘Just Coffee’ Course Brings Global Perspective to Students

June 04, 2019
UC Davis students in the online 'Just Coffee' course get a new, globally-conscious perspective on the caffeinated beverage. The course was the inspiration of Patrick Brown, Professor of Plant Sciences, who imagined the course as an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of the global food system through coffee. (video included)

Plant Sciences Graduate Students Compete in “Flash Talks”

May 02, 2019
Eight graduate students in Plant Sciences, UC Davis, gave five-minute Flash Talks on their research. It takes a lot of planning to condense a graduate degree to five minutes. And three students won the competition.

Enhancing Curricula for Students to Learn Globally

April 09, 2019
Professor Li Tian in Plant Sciences is preparing students for global challenges in a new Curriculum Enhancement through Global Learning program (a faculty training program) at UC Davis.