Troy Magney, seen from chest up, talks over Zoom. His background image is of a satellite orbiting Earth.
Troy Magney talks with Priya Ramakrishna over Zoom in an interview for ASPB.

Patrick Brown, Troy Magney interviewed by ASPB

Brown and Magney discuss their recent awards

The American Society of Plant Biologists, or ASPB, has released interviews with Distinguished Professor Patrick Brown and Associate Professor Troy Magney to discuss their Dennis R. Hoagland and Early Career Awards respectively.

The awards are two of the most esteemed honors given by ASPB, recognizing the world-class impact of both senior and up-and-coming researchers in the Department of Plant Sciences.  

The Dennis R. Hoagland Award is awarded once every three years to an individual making seminal contributions to agriculture through plant research.

The Early Career Award recognizes outstanding research from scientists who are still within the first seven years after receiving their doctorate degree and who have made exceptionally creative, independent contributions in their field.


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