Water, Irrigation, and Drought

Drought and herbicides: Rice Field Day showcases research

New varieties of rice that offer more effective weed control with less herbicide were showcased by UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences researchers at the recent Rice Field Day north of Yuba City in California's Central Valley. Amid the West’s ongoing drought, green rice with heads full of grain stood tall and lush in some test plots, while dry, brown stubble poked up in others. Department researchers discussed the impact of letting ricelands go fallow, including potential for pest control and ways to conserve soil moisture.

Leslie M. Roche

  • Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension
  • Faculty
  • Plant Sciences Executive Committee - At-Large Representative
Rangeland and pasture management, ecology of grazing lands, grazing systems, drought and climate change adaptation, participatory research
1232 PES
UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616

Daniel H. Putnam

  • Professor of Cooperative Extension
  • Faculty
Alfalfa and forage crop systems, cellulosic biofuels, crop ecology, new/alternative crops and cropping systems. Strong interest in irrigation, salinity, forage quality, genetics & varieties.
2240 PES
UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616

Lorence R. Oki

  • Professor of Cooperative Extension (Appt. with Landscape Architecture Program in Human Ecology Dept)
  • Faculty
Irrigation and runoff management in environmental horticulture; water quality effects on plant growth; water use evaluation of plants for landscape horticulture; biological treatment of runoff water
UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis CA 95616