Food security

Speedier wheat could feed more people, research suggests

If wheat leaves could shift gears faster between moments of shade and light, plants could make more grain, increasing the capacity of a plot of ground to feed people.

Researchers are seeking the genes that control how quickly wheat leaves gear up when hit by flecks of sunlight. They are fueled by evidence of a stronger link between photosynthesis and crop yield than scientists have thought, said Assistant Professor Tom Buckley of the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences.

Plant Adaptation and California’s Changing Environment

Gail Taylor, professor and department chair, spoke to a packed meeting at UC Center Sacramento on “Plant Adaptation to Climate Change in California,” focusing on potential climate change impacts on agriculture. The center educates future policy-makers and leaders in the craft of politics and policy-making.

Making the Case for Fruits and Vegetables

The importance of eating fruits and vegetables is making headlines again, with studies on nutrition security, nutrient consumption, and a global diet with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables to meet healthy diet goals.

Plant Breeding Academy Addresses Global Food Needs

To address the global shortage of plant breeders and enable future food security, the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy offers a professional development certificate program in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.