Bristlecone pine trees

What Can We Do About Climate Change?

With the Global Climate Action Summit occurring this week in San Francisco, it’s time for an update on UC Davis’ broad expertise in climate change.

What Can I Do About Climate Change?

Bristlecone pine trees
Bristlecone pine trees grow on soils and in conditions where few other species can live. But limber pines in the Great Basin region, are beginning to give them some competition. (photo: Brian Smithers, UC Davis)

UC Davis has launched a new blog featured on its Science & Climate website called “What Can I Do About Climate Change?” centered on actions, big and small, individuals can take in their lives to address climate change.

“What Can I Do About Climate Change?” is geared to individuals and how we can all make a difference, including topics such as telecommuting, fire control, food waste, and bicycling. Topics will continue to be added, including plant-focused actions.

Science & Climate Website

The main Science & Climate website covers Science, Impacts, and Solutions.

Some of the articles that pertain to plant sciences include:

Graduate student Marina LaForgia
Marina LaForgia, a UC Davis grad. student, at her field site at McLaughlin Natural Reserve. (photo: Sasha Vafaei, UC Davis)

Climate Change Experts

A new campus listing with a Climate Change Experts List includes these categories:

Atmospheric and climate science

Experts from Plant Sciences include Arnold Bloom, Kent Bradford, Charlie Brummer, Mary Cadenasso, Amelie Gaudin, Andrew Latimer, Malcolm North, Leslie Roche, Ken Tate, and Gail Taylor.

(Article by Ann Filmer, Dept. of Plant Sciences, with content from Kat Kerlin and Dana Topousis, both in Strategic Communications at UC Davis.)

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miguel Isaias Sanchez farming
Miguel Isaias Sanchez farms with drip irrigation (and a water tower) using information he learned from the Horticulture Innovation Lab’s project in Guatemala. (photo: Elizabeth Mitcham, UC Davis)


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